Yann Marot

Yann was born in Mayenne in 1974. After many years of studying he decided to attend evening classes in sculpture, where he discovered wood turning. He decided that this was his passion. It is thanks to the AFTAB (French wood turning association) that he was able to follow professional courses with many recognized turners. He set up his own workshop in 2002.
Some of his pieces were selected for travelling exhibitions of the AFTAB in 2002, 2004 and 2008. He won a prize at the European wood turning competition in Breville in 2003 and he has demonstrated in Switzerland, Galicia and in France.
He divides his time between turning for cabinetmakers and his own artistic creations. It is a discipline that demands a great technical rigour but also allows him «to escape towards a more personal imaginary world». He creates deceptively simple shapes with strong, elegant lines. Some resemble water drops and others proud “brigands” as he calls them. He sometimes applies colours and interesting textures on his pieces even though the wood that he uses already has an interesting grain. He also finely brushes or scallops certain surfaces to create a contrast between the smooth and polished finish.      

Similar works available, prices between 100 € and 500 €.