Txuma Sanchez

Txuma Sanchez was born in Ordizia (Guipuzkoa) in 1972. He graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. He taught in project workshops in the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in Majorca, within the “Miró workshops”, at the faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona and in the Masters degree in “Architecture, Art and Ephemeral Spaces” at the ETSAB. At present, he lives and works in Barcelona on projects related to sculpture, photography and installations as well as publishing and art criticism.
His trajectory is highlighted by the projects “Monumentalkippel”, “Cuidadjardin”, “Artificial Nature” at the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in Majorca, from whom he received a grant in 2000. He also obtained a residence grant from the Federal Chancellery of Austria in 1998 and won the Pilar Juncosa First Prize the same year. He has exhibited in Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Finland, India, Quebec, North and South America. He also has works in public collections like the Caja de Madrid (“Generations” project) or Artotek in Austria.     
Txuma´s style seems minimalist but he uses several plates for the backgrounds in his works which is proof that the aesthetic is not as simple as it first seems. His hearts of black ink contrast with the delicate and poetic background. He obtains perfectly uniform and intense blacks, a difficult challenge for any engraver.

Prices from 360 € to 400 €.