Teixidors is a small workshop which was set up in Terrassa in 1983 to make fine handwoven textiles following the important textile tradition of the region. All the weaving is done on wooden looms which are reproductions of the early 19th century, the only energy that moves them being the weaver's. As each piece is hand woven, no two are ever identical.
Teixidors is also a cooperative and employs people with learning difficulties, integrating them into society thanks to its manual and creative work. What is more, the workers are partners in the company, an important point for the founders of the project, concerned about their team's quality of life.          

Only the best wools are selected (cashmere, merino and Shetland) as well as silks. At Teixidors the whole process, from the shearing through to the spinning, colouring, weaving, washing and packaging of the articles is controlled. They have created scarves, shawls, throws and curtains in several prize-winning designs.

They have also brought out an ecological line which uses natural dyes and have a special line for babies. The natural materials, the delicate treatment of the fabrics, the ecological finishing,the anti-allergenic properties and the great softness of the products are ideal for children.
These are really beautiful pieces with subtle colours, harmonious contrasts and a wonderful fineness which gives them an unequalled classical elegance.

We offer a selection of pieces for sale but other choices can be hand-woven to order.

Prices from 120 € to 380 €.