Sylvie Delphaut

Sylvie was born in Toulouse in 1969. She studied Art at the University of St. Étienne where she attended classes in painting, history of art, aesthetics and sculpture. She has exhibited in Switzerland and has pieces in various galleries in France. She has won two prizes, one of which is the Prix Jeunes Createurs from Ateliers d'Art de France. The pieces here are made from very dark brown rolled stoneware clay which is fired at 1150 and 1280 °C in an electric kiln.

There she discovered ceramics and the "tactile happiness", as she calls it, that clay can provide. She enjoys the interaction possible with this material and says “a whole new world opened up to her”. She says she likes the fact that her body is the intermediary between the spirit and the matter in the creative process.
She creates organic and pure shapes, which sometimes resemble eggshells. These sculptural vessels are enlivened by a white line that meanders though the space and which she uses on all her work. She likes working on asymmetrical and contrasting forms.