Narcís Darder i Bosch

(1923 Pontós – 2006 Bàscara)

Narcís worked in the metallurgical sector. Photography was a pastime that started back in the 40s, although he didn't get his first camera till after 1945. In 1982 he set up his own photographic laboratory.
His work has been exhibited in different public organisations in Spain and also figures in private collections in France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Cuba and Spain. He has works in the Photographic Studies Institute of Catalunya and the Fundació Vilacasas.
He shows us anonymous people, ordinary passers-by who go about unnoticed. However, thanks to his perceptive eye these poetic moments are captured and shared with us all. He allows us to see the sublime in the quotidian.
His work is a visual testimony of the epoch he lived through yet here the pictures move. His photografic art goes beyond documentary reporting by conserving the essence of a time.