Moreno&Soria have worked together since 1999 and are dedicated to artistic creation in different fields: photography, video, installations, illustration, artist's books, engraving.... Jose Antonio Soria (photographer, illustrator and video producer) and Lídia Moreno (who has a degree in Fine Arts and is specialized in photography and artist's books), express both an individual and a common line of artistic creation.

They have participated in many different projects: books, on juries.... besides having had numerous individual and collective exhibitions organized by public organizations such as the CCCB as well as by private galleries in Catalonia, France and Italy.

This collection of works is called "la biblioteca imaginària" (the imaginary library) and is a work in progress because they have been making artist's books for years. They collaborate on some of them.
They are inspired by their travels, their ancestors, their children, etc... to create original works. As a base they use their own engravings or an existing object like an old photograph or a score of music and work on it with collage, sewing, illustration or engraving.
They show us another way of seeing things by changing the primary function of objects and redefining them. The idea is to deconstruct and to reconstruct objects so that we look at them from a new point of view. Through every creation they open their personal and intimate world to us, sharing experiences, memories and dreams.

We wish you then, a pleasant reading.



                  Painting                            Engraving                          Objects-books           


          Price: 400 €                  Price: 400 €          Prices from 350 € to 1000 €