Kima Guitart

Kima was born in Barcelona in 1947. She is an artist, designer and craftswoman who has always been fascinated by textiles, especially by everything that silk evokes... distant countries, legends, mysterious rituals, mythical cities... For her textile research she has traveled to Mali, Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast, Kyoto, Taos, Malaysia and Borneo.

She fell in love with silk and began painting it in 1971.
She learnt the rigid traditional techniques of Japanese and Chinese silk painting so as to break them and gain her own symbolic language and gestures.
She does not follow any trend or fashion when creating accessories, clothes or silk murals.

She feels that she is the heiress of those who before her worked to incorporate the concept of "beauty" in everyday life.

From 2000 to 2005 she taught a seminar on silk painting for the Master: Architecture, art and the ephemeral space at the UPC - Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura” in Barcelona.

She has won several awards, such as the National Craft Award 2012 Finalist, Madrid; "Best Design of 2012 " Finalist - FAD , Barcelona; Master Craftsman Medal 2010 awarded by the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona.

She paints unique pieces but also makes printed series to make them more affordable and more widely available.
She also designed the tapestry for a theater, the costume for the Carnival of Madrid's Muse, a princess one for OukaLele, carpets, textiles, glassware, tableware and the costumes for the arrival ceremony of the Olympic Torch in Empúries in 92, among many other things!



  She has had individual and collective exhibitions of her silk murals in several art galleries in Europe, USA and Japan.

She has had catwalks and clothing exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Lleida, Berlin, Cambridge, San Francisco, Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico and Tokyo.

She has work in museums and private collections such as the Documentation Centre and Textile Museum of Terrassa, the Museum of Printing in Premia de Mar, the Textile and Clothing Museum of Barcelona, the Art Collection of the "la Caixa" Foundation of Barcelona, the Art Collection of the AVUI newspaper in Barcelona, the Isabel Pastor private Collection in Madrid, the Antoni de Montpalau Textile Collection in Sabadell and in the Valls' Museum.