Katsue Kusumi

Katsue was born in Tokyo in 1967. She studied engraving between 1995 and 2007 in various schools: the Fine Arts University of Musashino in Tokyo, the Massana school in Barcelona, the Art Students League of New York, Llotja and the University of Barcelona.
She has had exhibitions since 1998 in Barcelona, Germany, the United States and Japan.

This collection of engravings is entitled “Windows”, she says:

“I arrived in Barcelona in 1997. It was the first experience of living on my own, away from my parents, in a very different place and where I didn’t understand a word of what people where saying. That epoch was very special for me as I felt invisible. Nobody knew me, nobody understood me. Everything was new, every day was an adventure and I “fell in love” with the city of Barcelona. I used to live on the top floor of a flat in the Barri Gotic. The view from the windows seemed to have been frozen in time - the tranquillity, the abandoned terraces, the bent aerials, and the washing hung out to dry. I started drawing and there was only me and the city.
Since then I’ve changed flats often but always stayed in the city centre. Barcelona has changed drastically since then, and me too in a way, but the views and the terraces are still the same.”