Jörg Baumöller

Jörg was born in Germany in 1946. He studied international business between 1967 and 1970 and then from 1971 to 2001 he worked as director of a chemical company (Bayer), in Germany, Ireland, Western Africa, Brazil and Spain. Since 1991 he has lived near Barcelona and since 2002 had his own workshop.
He studied ceramics with Catalan, German and North American potters. He has exhibited in Switzerland and Spain.

He works with stoneware and porcelain and throws his work on the wheel, but where he really excels is in special glazing techniques like metal and crystal glazes. This last one is a very difficult and precise technique that usually implies various firings where he has to play with the temperature: raise it, lower it, maintain it… so that the crystals can develop and he can control their size.

Historically the important porcelain manufacturers like Meissen, Sèvres and Copenhague, were the first to study the technique around the 1900s. The first works exhibited were shown at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889. It was a very expensive production, especially in energy, and in the fact that they could not be made in series. Nowadays technological advances have reduced the costs slightly but it continues to be a difficult technique.      
Jörg combines three talents that at first seem to be in opposition: he has the sensitiveness and aesthetic of an artist, the technique and the touch of a potter, and the precision and patience of a chemist. The result is splendid works covered in surrealist flowers or snowflakes with a three-dimensional depth, as if we were looking at them through a kaleidoscope.