Ian Sharp

(1948 Anglaterra – 2014 Andorra)

Ian was born in England in 1948 and trained initially as a helicopter pilot. Whilst studying Ergonomics to help with his test pilot work, a lecturer impressed upon him the fact that even the most complicated of things start from simple precepts. He then decided to spend less time flying over things and more time making things, first a house then furniture. Aviation soon became a temporary employment but the necessary travelling allowed him to see how different people in different countries and cultures deal with the eternal question "Where do we put all our stuff"! Visits to local workshops and ethnography museums provided the answers. He finally stopped flying in 1993 in order to make furniture full time.

In his work you can see the influences of Aviation (precision), Ergonomics (the furniture functions) and Travel (a very wide variety of stylistic influences). Being an autodidact makes him open to cross linking disciplines, he combines modernity and tradition, both in techniques and materials.

He creates original and contemporary designs with elegant lines, by using traditional furniture con- struction linked with aero-nautical techniques. He always works with hard-woods but also incorporates modern materials such as carbon fibre and forgotten materials such as semi-precious stones or metals.


His motto is "Be curious".