Eulàlia Llopart

Eulàlia was born in 1971. She studied Fine Art at the University of Barcelona and then did various courses in engraving, serigraphy, monotypes, sculpture and photography. Since 1997 she has taught at the Municipal Art and Design School in Garriga and also gives classes in monotypes and embossing in other institutions.





Eulalia uses monotype and embossing techniques in her work, resulting in a unique print on the boundary between engraving and painting.
She recycles aluminium plates (matrix) used in industrial offset printing, cutting them out and constructing the work as if it were a “collage”. What’s more, for the collectors' books she makes, she incorporates this matrix in the box of the book-object.

Eulalia’s work is a reflexion on the book itself, as a container of ideas, stories, memories, emotions... a tool for communicating and transmitting like the red thread she uses to sew her works with. It is a conductive thread, of human relationships, of love, of life... She makes visible the invisible thread that ties us to one another. She offers us a new way of reading the book or the work as a fragment or as a whole.