Eric Rossell Vela

Eric was born in Andorra in 1988.
He did a higher degree in photography and digital art at the “Universitat Politècnica” of Catalonia in 2010 and he has the National Diploma of Arts from the Fine Art School in Montpellier, in photography, screen-printing and video (2013).
He has already had a solo exhibition in Andorra, "Geometria emotiva", organized by Artèria in the exhibition hall of the La Llacuna cultural centre in 2009.

He also participated in several collective exhibitions like "La Nocturne du musée Fabre", a month long exhibition of Montpellier art students at the Fabre museum in 2013; " Buzz#4", an exhibition of digital art by students from the School of Architecture and Fine Arts at the Aperto gallery in 2013 (Montpellier); "Urban Visions" at the Can Patalarga Art Centre in Vic in 2010; CITM JAZZ FEST, an exhibition of the photographic documentary of the Terrassa Jazz Festival in 2010; and "Geometric Abstraction" at the La Rueda Gallery in Barcelona in 2009.


This work is a series made during a trip to Belgium and the Netherlands, with an analogue camera with black and white film and then digitized to print it on an aluminium support.

Architecture and geometry are part of his interest in photography. Observing the buildings around him, he makes a graphical reading of its content to extract basic geometric shapes. These are the shapes that define contemporary architecture, based on simplicity.

In other series like “Emotional Geometry”, his first work on geometric details of Barcelona's architecture, he focused on the facades of modernist buildings that contrast with the new contemporary buildings. Their juxtaposition makes the aesthetic evolution of each style more obvious.

During his stay in northern Europe, he observed the presence of buildings constructed in the late twentieth century, that perfectly illustrate the simplistic notion of geometry in architecture. Those shapes seemed to keep multiplying so he felt the need to use the camera to abstract them.

He says that photography is a very powerful tool for expression, and in his case it simply shows graphic compositions, inspired by the geometric abstraction movement. The linearisation of geometry's basic shapes allows him to create an abstract composition which he constructs with balance and elegance.


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