Enrique Brinkmann


Enrique Brinkmann was born in Malaga in 1938. In 1955 he began studying to become an industrial engineer but gave it up quickly to dedicate himself to being a self-taught painter. His first exhibition was in Malaga in 1957. He joined the Picasso group and collaborated with the M.A.M. (Artistic Mediterranean Movement).

Between 1961 and 1966 he lived in Germany where he worked in a factory and on his painting. Expelled from Germany for working illegally, he travelled Europe but later returned to Germany, residing in Cologne and Berlin. He learnt engraving and collaborated with the Fluxus Group, illustrating a music score for the musician Cornelius Cardew. He then went to live in Rome for a year.

He decided make Malaga his home in 1967 and stayed until 1991, developing his painting, engraving and drawing. He moved to Madrid in 1992,  working alternately between Malaga and the capital. He gave short courses on engraving in Fuendetodos and the Casa de la Moneda in Madrid. He has had individual exhibitions in Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, France, the United States and the United Kingdom. In 1994 he was given the “Premio Nacional de Grabado de la Calcografía Nacional” in Madrid (National Prize for Copperplate Engraving).

Characterized by an excellent technical virtuosity, the etchings of Brinkmann show the space as the protagonist, a space composed of vast empty zones, lacking any figurative or recognisable references, but usually filled in its margins or its central areas with clouds of tiny points and very delicate and filamentous lines, suspended yet clustered in the air, like some mysterious and timeless calligraphy.