Céline Cavallin

Céline was born in Toulouse in 1979. She studied “couture flou“ (sewing) for four years and History of Art for a year in Toulouse. She then decided to study Fine Arts in Marseille, specializing in design. She passed her diploma course (DNAP*) in 2003 with merit and her graduate course (DNSEP*) in 2005 with honours.
In 2003, she took part in an exchange programme and went to the California College of Art in San Francisco for four months where she studied jewellery, fashion and weaving.
Back in Toulouse, she created her own ceramics workshop in 2008.

She decided to work without a potter's wheel and thus explored all the other possibilities such as  stamping, casting, modelling...

She creates deceptively simple decorative and functional pieces using the “slipcasting” technique. This consists of pouring porcelain slip into a plaster mould. When filled, she waits until the mould absorbs the moisture and hardens the clay, the lapse of time depending on the desired thickness. The piece is then unmoulded without being completely dry; it is at a stage called "leather hard" and is very delicate.      
  Céline prefers plain glazes, focusing all her attention on the form, which is in itself the decorative element. She combines a repertory of geometrical and natural shapes and applies them on vessels of various sizes (cups, mugs, bowls...). The repetition of the fins and the scales, amongst other shapes, give a modern yet poetic touch to her work.


*DNAP: national diploma of applied arts
*DNSEP: national diploma of superior studies in applied arts