Ardine Spitters

Ardine was born in Holland in 1953. In 1973 she started her own workshop in Holland with her husband Norbert Nuwehoud.  They moved to France 25 years later and set up another workshop there. She has won various prizes in Holland and Belgium and since 1994, she has exhibited often in New Zealand, France, Belgium, United Kingdom and Holland.
She also has works in two museums: the Staatliches Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Germany and the Museo Nacional de Cerámica González Marti in Valencia.

She used to work with ash glazes, but about 15 years ago she discovered pit-firing. She was immediately caught by it, started experimenting and developing her own technique. She throws her work on the wheel and uses stoneware clay or porcelain mixed with a large quantity of quartz and grog. She biscuit fires them at 1050ºC and then treats them with different layers of metallic sulphates to create interesting effects.

Then the pots are stacked in the pit kiln alternating layers of sawdust, wood shavings and pots. The kiln is closed and the firing starts at the top and burns slowly down to the bottom and lasts 24 hours. It is important to control the draft to obtain an even firing. Sometimes the pots are fired several times to reach a richer better effect.


Ardine likes the touch of the unglazed clay body and the richness of colours produced by the smoke. She prefers strong but simple shapes to let the complexity of the colours stand out. They go from vibrant reds through to pale oranges, pinks and greys. They have a depth that gives an impression of natural textures, earthy or misty landscapes and cloudy skies.



Prices from 200 € to 1200 €.