Alex Añó Fröhlich

Alex was born in Barcelona in 1972. Since he first discovered working with glass in 1992 he has been exploring all the different techniques available. He specialized in Glass Grinding whilst at the Massana art school in Barcelona. He then widened his knowledge in different institutions such as the Fundació Centre del Vidre in Barcelona, the “Cerfav” in Vannes-le-Châtel (France) and La Granja Fundación Centro Nacional del Vidrio (Segovia).

This allowed him to discover and experiment with other techniques such as carving, glass blowing or fusing. During this period he alternated participating in collective exhibitions (in spaces like Galeria Montcada Tallers and l’Espai Vidre in Barcelona, la Galerie Workshop in Berlin or the Galeria Art-o-nivo in Bruges) with working in companies like Grau Glass, Regiopistrina or J.Castrillo.

Since 2000, having discovered torch glass blowing, he decided to start a project that allowed him to design, produce and distribute his own pieces. In 2001 he perfected his technique by studying in Franz Winkelkote's workshop in Germany. In 2005 he designed and produced his first collection. At present he shares his shop-workshop in the Poble Espanyol with Katsue Kusumi, a Japanese ceramic artist.

In his pieces there is a mix of personal inspiration and traditional technique that results in a unique and very modern aesthetic. They are very light and fine pieces that show Alex's high level of skill when blowing the glass. The originality and modernity of the pieces resides in the touch of colour that he gives his pieces in order to contrast with the transparent glass.

Sometimes he works with his partner and the cross-over between the two disciplines gives rise to some very original work which remains, however, perfectly functional.