Alain Steinmetz

Alain was born in 1950 in Alsace. He studied medicine in Strasbourg and practised as a GP there from 1981 until 2002. Thanks to his friend Maurice Dusapin, collector of antique and contemporary glass, he was introduced to to the world of glass-working. He began learning about glass-blowing in 1998 in Réclainville with Patrick Lepage and then in 1999 with Allain Guillot, teacher in the CERFAV (European glass centre) for many years. In 1998 he set up his own workshop and built  the necessary tools and machines himself.

The glass is in a smelter that is permanently heated to 1350º. He takes a first “gathering” of clear glass, adds decoration by interleaving and insertions and takes a second “gathering” of clear glass. Then he blows the glass and shapes it by hand without a mould, insulated from the incandescent piece by only a few wet newspapers. The piece returns to room temperature thanks to a cooling gradient that decreases by 20º an hour, which eliminates the internal tension and guarantees the longevity of the piece.

He has a measured and creative style. Each piece is a challenge, but each time he manages to capture the beauty of light and transparency. With the “iroises” collection he seems to have captured coloured jewels in a glass casket, while his “nautile” collection transcribes the graphics of a sea world.


Prices from 250 € to 750 €.